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It’s back and I couldn’t be happier. Get ready UCLA, we are Bruins United, and we are just getting started!

It’s back and I couldn’t be happier. Get ready UCLA, we are Bruins United, and we are just getting started!

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Downward dog.

Silz Lilz

Silz Lilz


After taking the night train from Paris to Munich (ask Kelly to read you her story, it is hilarious) we arrived at 7 am in this clean little gem of a city.

Don’t let the 7 am arrival time fool you, there were most definitely people drinking beer and eating bratwurst.

We found our hostel (hello Wombat hostel, you are awesome) left our bags (except we were still paranoid and carried our important items, my back was so sore) and went out to explore the city. 

It was a Sunday morning and not much was open. After an awesome breakfast back at the train station, we looked at a map and decided to walk in the direction of old town. We stumbled upon the Palace of Justice (we love poli sci oh so much!), walked through a fountain while counting the number of head scarves and burquas in the square, and wove our way to St. John’s Catholic Church.

As I said, it was a Sunday, and we decided why not go in and hang our with Jesus. I am sad to say that I have never attended Mass in English, but I thought we could stay and try to figure out what was going on in the German service. I was a wrong.

Instead, I looked at the stained glass pictures trying to understand who this Man was they were talking about. Stained glass was designed for the illiterate, so it was kind of cool to see the pictures in action. 

We went to the Modern Museum in Munich (Pinakothek der Moderne), it was only 1 Euro (hooray!)  I loved loved loved the collection of industrial design: simple furniture, sewing machines, lamps, and cars.

Rotunda of the Museum^

After watching a German band make a music video in a park, we found our way in a Beer Garden (they like boccie ball in europe)


Munich is the city of MUSIC! We we so incredibly fortunate to listen to National Symphony orchestra rehearse, outside, while eating the most delicious pretzel I have ever seen. 

Then it started raining. But this didn’t stop us. We went on a FANTASTIC bike tour in the pouring rain, in incredibly embarrassing rain ponchos . Charlie, from London, was our guide. I was a big fan.

We biked around the entire city for about four hours. Highlights include the surfers in the English Gardens (literally surfing the channel), stories about WW2 and the brave germans who resisted, and Micheal Jackson references.

At the end of the tour we headed back to our hostel, met our sweet Korean roommate (score), took a shower and then went out to a Beer Hall for dinner. As fate would have it, we were seated across from two fantastic brothers from Arkansas. One was pre-med, the other in law school. heck yes. 

We watched the world cup final, bonded over our annoyance with the Nigerian woman who was rooting for japan, and chatted about school politics and greek life. Kelly and I may or may not have fallen in love.

The wombat hostel has this funny little thing called the wombar on the first floor, so we had to check it out. Using my free drink ticket, I got a juice :) We ran into a bunch of boys from UCLA, some rivals from that other school, and some kid who hit on Kelly by showing her his huge fleur de lis. Strange.

I went to bed at around 2 in the morning. It was perfection.

Christians are like glow sticks: in order to shine they must be broken

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The Bubble

I am home!

also, I solemnly swear to finish my blog, we will just pretend I am still in Europe.

Quick Recap

Sorry for the massive update delay!- more to come later. 

Sunday: hostel in Munich! 

Monday-Friday: gypsy wagon in the Black Forest in Germany. For now, think hippie-former commune starter- sustainable- vegetarian-awesome-strange- hiker- guru. 

Friday-Sunday: Zermatt, Switerland. hello hiking in the swiss alps today! 

^ just your casual circus wagon in the backyard. 

On trains

Overnight train from Paris to Munich.

Let me set the scene for you

It’s an eclectic mix. Lovebird #1 and #2 continue to make eyes are each other/makeout and are carrying on an evidently romantic conversation. It’s awkward. It is cold and rainy outside, very Hogwarts Express. The view is spectacular though fleeting, the footroom is lacking, it is hot, bright, and loud, and the chairs are stiff. However, I am excited to utilize my talent of falling asleep absolutely anywhere. Also: I kept giggling every time I hear the number 6: sechs. I must remember to grow up.

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